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Do you have a business continuity plan in place?

Imagine the situation.....Your main office building caught fire overnight. Fortunately, all staff on site were safely evacuated. Its the next day...What do you do now? OK you have business insurance in place that will cover the building and contents damage, maybe even some of your trading losses, but how do you get your business back up and running ? Your could lose customers and suffer a damaged reputation if you are unable to restore some of your services in quick order.

Arlington Risk Consulting can help you develop a Business Continuity plan, that you can turn to if disaster strikes. In advance of a disaster you will have identified your critical functions and considered how you can recover or protect them from disaster.

Based on a selection of disaster scenarios, it will provide your business with a guide as to which order to restore your services, where to relocate staff, identify critical staff and roles required for recovery (e.g. Head of IT) and something as simple but vital as emergency contact numbers for your critical staff.